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A welcome from King Harry, Diddleton Frank, Gowk, Gled, Frenchman, Kitty Coot, Cob, Doo, Billy Wix, Jenny Wren, Betsy, Bob Robin, Mavis, Jeremy Joy, Tot o’er the Seas and Bumbarrels.



'You have once again managed to lift people out of the ordinary and into some magic.'


There are still a few of our limited edition CD of music and readings from One for the Rook available. Each CD has its own unique hand-crafted cover and can be purchased from our Bandcamp page: Below are a selection of the covers available.


The out of the ordinary is under your nose.

One for the Rook, a collaboration with Charlotte Arculus, Mary Lovett, Hugh Lupton and Liz McGowan will be a trail like none other. It took place over ten days in September - 8th-12th and 22nd-26th.



This morning, Friday 1st October 2021, the draw for the lucky 10 winners of the One for the Rook Puzzle, which was full of trickery, took place beneath the critical gaze of Non Neb & Luck in the Porch of Bergh Apton Church.


The draw was carried out by the, doubtless, totally impartial hand of the Rector, The Revd. Chris Ellis who selected from an ancient top hat full to the brim with the 70 correct answers.


The One for the Rook production team played key parts in the process

Pat Mlejnecky read out the names, Peter Lyle recorded the names & 

Christopher Meynell held the hat!


There was much pointing - but nobody knows why or what it meant!

And at one moment Pat threatened to start singing!


Thank you to Anna Meynell for providing the pictures.

The winners of a signed copy of Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris’ Lost Spells are:


Nick Astbury, Felicity Hancock, Susan Holt, Jo Marsden, Julie Miles, Jane Moore, Sally Morris, Sarah Werry, Hannah Westgarth and Frank


Some wrong answers are so imaginative and probably arrived at by readers of fantasy and all lovely and thanks to those who wrote them : A Time of Hope, Flitter Mouse, Whooper Swans, Crowned Eagles, Avocet, Hawkwindrule, Knight’s Raven, Warrior Queen and Emperor Hawke.

Below is the solution to the puzzle.



Always beginning, never ending. In one of the Greek myths Odysseus was away for ten years at the siege of Troy and then spent another ten years having all sorts of adventures. It was presumed he was dead and his wife, Penelope, was besieged by suitors. She was loyal and held fast to her belief that Odysseus would return. Penelope was not only a skillful weaver she was quick witted and used her weaving to keep the persistent suitors at bay, she told them she was weaving a shroud for her elderly father-in-law, Laertes and when it was finished she would choose one of them. For three years she worked at her loom by day and at night secretly undid it all. She pulled the wool over their eyes by simple guile. The puzzle on the ‘One for the Rook’ trail was really so straightforward but  it was deliberately described as ‘cunning’ and ‘full of ‘trickery’ thus giving the impression of difficulty and needing deep thinking. It amused me that in the daily comments about the trail was one that said even two graduates could not solve it, mere intellectual ability is not needed. When you see the answers you will see how very obvious most of the answers were although there were a couple that need a devious mind and one that enjoys playing about with words like that of the puzzle maker! All smoke and mirrors, the wool pulled over your eyes!


* Here is a puzzle full of trickery for you to solve! Collect the clues, there is one at each site, as carefully as a blackbird collects twigs for her nest. Read each clue with eyes as sharp as those of a hunting hawk. Now, with fox sharp wits, solve the clues, each represents a letter and there are two words to find. Here are clues to help you, they have no feathers, fins or fur and neither have they paws or claws. In common with bats and ghosts they shun the sun. They are of royal blood.


1.  It is always in time : E


2.  Next comes one thousand : M (Roman  numeral for one thousand).


3.  A pear has one but an apple has two : P


4.  It begins every ending : E


5.  A house has none and yet there is one in every room : R


6.  All rooks have two of these :O


7.  It can be seen in every road and street :R


8.  Someone has to have this : M


9.  The fourth in a team of five : O


10. It begins and ends  your every thought : T


11. This is in every breath you take  : H


12. Always in sight if not in mind : S




* Due to pressure on space not all of the description was printed in the programme.


Pat Mlejnecky

This ancient land is a palimpsest of tracks written by paw, claw and hoof. Swallows and swifts weave the clear air into pathways as they swoop and soar as intricate as Celtic knots and larks gild it with song. We have stitched a new track trodden by shoe and boot and conjured from song and story, music and memory, film and thought,  it is marked by runes. Walk it in silence, listen with the ears of an owl, see with hawk sharp eyes. Walk it as a charm, a summoning to fox, owl, snail and wild flower, all those outlawed by a human fear of the wild. ‘One for the Rook ‘ is a call to arms to remember we humans are but a part of life on Earth.


‘One for the Rook’ is an acknowledgement and celebration of the wild world around us, the creatures, plants and insects which are our ‘neighbours’. We follow in the footsteps of those beautiful and influential books, ‘Lost Words’ and ‘Lost Spells’ written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris. Although ‘following’ it is very much our own pathway we have created.  

The event is a ‘trail’ of about 1 ½ miles in the countryside around the village of Bergh Apton. There are a dozen ‘stop, look and listen’ places, some with music and words to enjoy. The ‘trail’ opens in the church porch which becomes a tiny theatre and then, the intrepid ‘travellers’ go off to be interested, intrigued and inspired and, to keep wits sharp, there is a puzzle full of trickery to solve. The trail finishes in the body of the church where there is music and readings to listen to, lanterns to admire and a CD to buy!  This is no ordinary CD, it has been made by one of us and the covers designed, painted and printed by us. Collector's items.


The ‘One for the Rook’ trail is quiet, contemplative and can be walked as a meditation.





Wednesday 8th September - Sunday 12th September        &

Wednesday 22nd September - Sunday 26th September


Weekdays 10.00 – 2.30pm    Sundays 12.00 – 2.30pm


‘One or the Rook’ is an acknowledgement and celebration of the wild world around us, the creatures, plants and insects which are our neighbours. We follow in the footsteps of those beautiful and influential books, ‘Lost Words’ and ‘Lost Spells’ written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris. Although ‘following’ it is very much our own pathway.

The event is a ‘trail’ of about 1 ½ miles in the countryside around the village of Bergh Apton taking about two hours. There are a dozen ‘Stop, Look & Listen’ halts, some with music and words and, to keep your wits sharp, there is a cunning puzzle to solve, with prizes.

Please take the ‘Trail’ quietly, contemplatively, meditatively.


BOOKING      Groups of 6 are invited to arrive at 20-minute intervals. You may either form your own Group, start or join another Group. Please select Day & Time of your arrival and the Number in Group. If your preferred time has already been booked, please select an alternative.

Early booking is recommended - tickets are limited.


Tickets          £10.00           No concessions.


Follow this link.  (Purchases will incur a handling charge)


Telephone Enquiries:                    01508 480-696


Returns:            Once purchased, we regret refunds will not be possible. (We may be able to assist with selling returns.) The Trail will go ahead come wind, come weather, so bad weather will not be a cause for cancellation or ticket refunds. In the event a further Covid Lockdown results in postponement of O4tR, alternative dates will be offered or refunds made.


Confirmation: You will be sent a receipt which will be your Ticket with arrival directions.


Location:            Bergh Apton Church Car Park - NR15 1BX.

Arrival:               Please arrive punctually with your tickets at the Reception Tent. Only those with Pre-booked Tickets will be admitted. Trail instructions with a Programme /Map will be issued to those with Tickets.


Mobile:           Remember to bring your mobile smartphone. Please have on silent until you have passed through the Portal. If you do not have a smartphone, you can listen as a group. Whilst the music will require a phone, the readings will be displayed at each Halt.


QR Codes:         The trail uses QR codes to access readings and music via your smartphone, which should be with IOS.11 or later (or Android 11) upgrade. Prior to your arrival download a QR Code reader app (lots of options on the Internet). In ‘Camera’ settings, ‘Scan QR Codes’ must be set at GREEN (on’). To access recordings, scan password protected QR codes to be found around the Trail. Per Group only one smartphone is needed, to which all can listen.


Terrain:              Most of the O4tR Trail will take place over rough ground; overhanging branches & roots create hidden obstacles or hazards. Ground may be marshy & wet; plus a steep bank with steps. We cannot accept responsibility for accidents where due care and attention has not been paid to the conditions. Bear in mind that nature does its own thing.


Attire:                  Please use stout footwear – appropriate for the terrain.


Wheelchairs:   We regret that wheelchair use will not be possible, owing to the rough terrain.

Covid:                  All visitors must observe whatever Covid restrictions are in place at the time.


Refreshments: Light Refreshments will be available and/or bring a Picnic.


Puzzle:            Around the Trail there will be a series of Puzzle clues. Prizes for Puzzle solvers – if too many – random selection will be applied.


CDs:                       A limited edition of 100 CDs (or Downloads) of One for the Rook music and readings will be available to purchase from Reception using a credit card. Each CD will have a unique hand-crafted cover.


Dogs:             Dogs must be kept under control, on leads, at all times as there are sheep & horses locally. You will be asked to leave O4tR if you do not adhere to this requirement. Dogs must not be left in cars.

Alterations:     BACAT retains the right to make alterations to any of the above at any time & without notice. Keep an eye on Social Media & websites.


Website:           Bergh Apton:      

This contains photos and further information.


To get you into the right frame of mind for One for the Rook read the short story you will receive with your ticket. It is about the Elder Tree Mother and is based on an ancient belief concerned with elder trees.

Protective Herbs

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