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We live in a land of saints, seers and sorcerers, a land where kings and warriors whose battle cries once rang from hilltop to hilltop now lie in forgotten tombs beneath oak, ash and thorn, all borne away  by Time’s ever rolling stream. The past is fragile as bones grown brittle with age, as faint as a glimpsed ghost. We live in a land of secret and sacred ways, a land where giants raised their barrows and standing stones. The earth and the rivers embrace thumbed shards of pottery, glass, bones, a sword its jewelled hilt now clasped closely by ropes of roots, a bunch of keys, a velvet cap with a pilgrim’s badge, a clay pipe, a handful of coins each with a  helmeted head on one face. We live among riddles and rhymes, stories and songs that are in the soil and stones of this ancient land. Scratch your name on the land’s face but below and below is a lost alphabet and lost words. The past is written across the landscape for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. To bring you UNLOCK UNEARTH we have unlocked our word hoard then rifled through it, juggled with words and phrases to bring you stories from the world that was, the world that is and the world that might be. The land of the real can become the land of the unreal. Like magpies we have collected sorrows and sighs and rejoicings and rituals and now we have tales to tell and songs to sing to lift you out of the everyday and into some magic. Come and join us.


Non, Neb and Luck

UNLOCK UNEARTH will take place over two weekends in January and February 2024

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