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On Saturday, 24th May, Sunday, 1st June and Sunday, 8th June 2014, 2014 in Bergh Apton, there were performances of a Cycle of four Mystery Plays, commissioned again from the internationally renowned storyteller, Hugh Lupton. The foundation for his contemporary, light-hearted take on Bible stories was the mediaeval Legend of the Rood, respun with stories, current issues, local lore, and local characters.


The Cycle was performed in several different, leafy locations near the church, with the audience and cast, led by musicians, being taken on a delightful meander of exploration through woods and country, whatever the weather. The actors and musicians were drawn from the villages that make up the Bramerton Group, Alpington, Ashby St Mary, Bergh Apton, Bramerton, Carleton St Peter, Claxton, Framingham Pigot, Hellington, Kirby Bedon, Rockland St Mary, Surlingham, Thurton, Yelverton. And Hugh Lupton, donning his story-telling mantle, performed the role of Narrator.


The Cycle was directed by well-known community Director, David Farmer and  each performance featured a special guest appearance, playing God.


A series of workshops with local artists providing guidance were held to create mediaeval beasts for one of the Plays and converting recycled plastic bottles into glorious flowers for another.


The commissioning and performances were being funded principally through the generosity a number of private charitable trusts and of

  • The Arts Council of England,

  • Bergh Apton Community Arts Trust,

  • South Norfolk Council,

  • Norwich Town Close Estates Charity,

  • Geoffrey Watling Charity and other private trusts..

Promotional Trailer for Legend of the Rood

Jesus on the cross
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